Update on school closures

Happy New Year, although by now many of us have that sense that this is not the new year that we had hoped for.

We are devastated once again to have been put in the position where our school is closed again long term with no time to plan. You should be aware that I hear the news of closures at the same time as you do, through the media. You will also know that there have been announcements throughout the Christmas break and then the news on Monday evening of the new lockdown. The first briefing for schools came at 11pm on Tuesday evening.

This is an incredibly difficult time for everyone, with bereavement affecting some of our families as well as the restrictions imposed by lockdown and all the related issues. We are here to help you all, wherever we can. Please bear with us as we adapt to the constantly changing demands and be mindful of the fact that the staff are also experiencing significant difficulties too.

Our teachers and pastoral team are trying to keep in touch with everyone. If you are having difficulty please do let us know. We still have a small amount of equipment we could loan out and may be able to help and advise on internet connections.

If we can help, we will. If things are not clear, or you have issues with what is provided then please let us know. We are trying to get it right and welcome your feedback.

Above all, please try to stay safe and if you are struggling please contact us - we will do our very best to help you.