Class Arrangements

We are pleased to say that Park Way is becoming increasingly popular and is a continually growing school!  Our admission number is 45 children per year group.

The school will be organised as follows from September 2016:
Early Years Phase Leader Mrs Priestley

Apple Class

Year R

Mrs Priestley, Mrs Finnis

Pear Class

Year R

Mrs Burbidge, Miss Mayley

Lower School Phase Leader Miss Beamish

Ivy Class

Year 1

Miss Schofield 

Holly Class

Year 1 & 2

Mr Hilgers and Ms Stokes         

Oak Class

Year 2

Miss Beamish and Mrs Burkitt               

Middle School Phase Leader Mrs Rackley

Walnut Class

Year 3 & 4

Mrs Jacobs and Mrs Healey

Maple Class

Year 3 & 4

Miss Muddassir and Mrs Carpenter

Elm Class

Year 3 & 4

Mrs Rackley and Mrs Morris

Upper School Phase Leader Mr White

Cherry Class

Year 5 & 6

Mr Ramsden and Mrs Freeman

Rowan Class

Year 5 & 6

Miss Burford and Mrs Payne

Cedar Class

Year 5 & 6

Mr White and Miss Ord