History of Park Way

1938:  Originally, Park Way Primary School was called Plains Avenue Infant School.
1939:  Someone was called to remove a bee's nest from a tree outside the entrance to the school.  The children were allowed to stand by and watch.
1939:  The 'May Queen' procession
1948:  Class 5 - the children are sitting at wooden desks and do not have to wear uniform.
There were a lot more pupils in a class then.
1968:  From left to right...
Audrey Cocker (Teacher), Winifred Whiting (Secretary), Stella Russel (Teacher),
Maisy Hempleman (Deputy Headteacher), Sheila Dingley (Headteacher), Mr Thomas (Caretaker),
Margaret Heathcote (Teacher), Joan Gibson (Teacher), Mary Johns (Teacher), Pippa ? (Teacher).
Many thanks to Audrey Mulhall (formerly Cocker) for contacting us with information about the staff in the photograph above; Audrey was surfing the internet in her local library when she came across the photograph of herself and old friends on our website!  Since leaving Park Way (then Plains Avenue), she has worked in Gravesend, Wainscott and Tunbury (Walderslade).