School Rules

Children are involved in the formulation of the school rules, which are displayed centrally and within every teaching space as a reminder of what is acceptable.  Similarly, the consequences for breaking the rules are also on display in every learning area to encourage consistency.

Park Way Primary School Rules - every member of Park Way must follow these rules (children, staff, parents and visitors)
  • Be safe
  • Walk in school
  • Do as an adult asks the first time
  • Treat others kindly
  • Tell the truth

- this is what can happen when you make the right choices and follow the school rules:
  • Verbal praise - including verbal reports to parents/carers at the end of the day
  • A written comment on work
  • A happy face, coloured star or certificate for behaviour as well as work
  • A visit to another class/teacher/Deputy Headteacher/Headteacher for commendation
  • Stickers
  • Put into the 'Special Book' for special recognition in assembly
  • Team Points
  • Termly certificates awarded in a dedicated assembly
  • Termly trophies awarded in a dedicated assembly
  • Whole class rewards

- these are the consequences for breaking the school rules:
  1. Verbal warning - reminder of rule broken and a chance to put things right
  2. Sit on own or stand by an adult for 5 minutes
  3. Go to another class (or another playground if outside) for 5 minutes - complete ABCC Form
  4. Go to Mrs Dhanecha or Miss Hill - complete ABCC Form
  5. Red Book - children must phone their parents/carers to inform them