The Gruffalo's Child...

Apple and Pear Class have been learning about the story of 'The Gruffalo's Child'. In Maths we have been learning about the number 9. In Read, Write Inc we have been learning to recognise and write 'm', 'a', 's', 'd', 't', 'i', 'n', 'p', 'g', 'o', 'c', 'k', 'u', 'b', 'f', 'e' and 'l'. We have also been learning how to spell and recognise the tricky words 'I', 'the' and 'to'. In Literacy we have been drawing 'The Stickman' and labelling him using our phonic knowledge. In Topic we have been making Pudsey bear gingerbread biscuits for Children In Need. In PE we have been completing the Term 2 PE challenge. The children had to see how many times they could pass a tennis ball or beanbag around their bodies in 30 seconds. Today we have been learning about 'Children In Need'. The children have seen who we help and why fundraising is so important! Next week we will be continuing to learn about 'The Gruffalo's Child'.  

Hope you have a lovely weekend

The EYFS team