Week beginning 25th November

This week we have been reading the book Stickman. Unfortunately both Apple and Pear's Stickman went missing on Tuesday morning! To try and find them we made MISSING posters, searched for them around the school and used describing words to explain what they looked like. Luckily when we went into the outside area on Thursday we found them hiding behind a tree! 

In Maths we have been finding one less and one more than a given number, counting backwards from twenty and subtracting a single digit from another single digit. This week we have also been lucky enough to have a visit from a local author who read us a couple of chapters from his new book. Linked to this, we then met with our reading partner class Cedar Class who spent time with us reading our favourite stories.

Today, Apple and Pear Class performed their class assembly to parents! They all worked so hard to remember their lines and the songs we sung. They should be very proud of themselves!