Week ending 24th June

Apple and Pear Class have been learning about 'The Rainbow Fish’ by Marcus Pfister, this week. It is a book about a unique fish with shimmering scales. It provides an opportunity to begin a discussion about the nature of sharing, happiness and beauty.

In Literacy, we have been writing sentences about the story of The Rainbow Fish and children have attempted to use time conjunctions (eg at the beginning, in the middle and at the end). They continued to describe either the fish or a situation in the story using adjectives.

In Maths, we continued to build on the children's number skills by ‘halving’ numbers to 10 and then 20. The children have been looking at how to half a number by using manipulatives and even a group of children.  We recapped doubling as well.

On Monday and Tuesday Apple and Pear Class respectively visited the The Climbing Experience in Maidstone. Everyone had a marvellous time!

PE – The children have PE on a Thursday. Could earrings please be removed on this day? Thank you.

We hope you have a relaxed and sunny weekend. We look forward to seeing you and the children on 27th June.

The EYFS team.