Another busy week for Cedar Class!

In Literacy, we researched an animal with a distinctive feature. We used the iPads to find out facts about our animal. Then we produced an information leaflet on it. Next week we will be writing a story about how our chosen animal got its distinctive feature based on The Hero Twins Revenge.

In Maths, Year 5 have continued with their learning on fractions looking at converting improper fractions to proper fractions and mixed number fractions. Year 6 have been learning about Algebra. We started off the week looking at function machines, then expressions and we finished the week off by looking at solving algebraic formulae.

In topic we have been continuing to find out about Mayan life and their writing system. We looked at codices and how they represented words and sounds.

In PSHE we have discussed the harmful of effects of drugs, tobacco and alcohol.

We finished the week off by making our masks that we designed last week. They look amazing.

Well done to everyone who is doing their home learning. If you have issues with Teams let me know.

Well done to everyone following the uniform policy and wearing school shoes.

Just a reminder that sweets and chewing gum are not allowed in school.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Rackley, Mrs Stokes and Ms Burton.