Another week has flown by. This week we have continued to be busy with our learning.
In Literacy, we finished our newspaper reports based on Kensuke's Kingdom. Then we completed our cold write. This was a story based on a beach setting. This is in preparation for our learning on Flotsam next week. The children have come up with great ideas and written some great stories.
In Maths, Year 5 have been learning to add and subtract up to 4 digits using a formal written method and solving multi step problems within a real-life context. Year 6 have been learning how to multiply numbers with up to 4 digits by a two-digit number using a written formal method, known as long multiplication. They have also been solving problems in a real-life context. 
In Science this week, we found out about microorganisms and their effects on life and humans. We have set up an investigation to find out how mould grows on bread and how it grows the quickest. We have decided on our investigation and set up variables and conditions. We have made predictions and we will be making observations and recording these over the next week.
In P.E. we have continued to learn the skills of football. There are still some children coming into school in their own P.E. style clothes. Please wear black joggers/shorts/leggings, their team colour T shirt and their school jumper/cardigan. 
On Monday we had an online author visit. He was really helpful and gave the children some great advice on how to create characters and character names when writing stories.
Have a lovely weekend.