Friday 15th May 2020

Good Morning,
I can't believe it's Friday again - another week over.

How did you do with the Science investigations? I would love to see your learning.


We hope you've enjoyed our story for this week. Today is our last day on it and the activities are:

1) Read chapter 5

2) Complete the online activities

3) Complete the book review BOOK REVIEW

4) Complete the writing activity:

So, we've read two stories; the first about a superVILLAIN school and the second about a superHERO school.

Today, write a letter of application to the one school that you'd like to attend the most.

The letter to your chosen school could include:

Your reason for wanting to attend that school

Why you would be good for that school

Your admiration for that school

What you already know about that school

What you're looking forward to doing at that school

Possibly something mean/opposing about the other school


Write a sequel to the sequel that we've just read...

We read the original story (The School for Supervillains) followed by the sequel (Revenge of the Supervillains) so can you write the third story in the saga?

Think about the style of writing as well as using your knowledge of what's happened in the first two stories.

1) School for Supervillains

2) Revenge of the Supervillains

3) ?...


SPAG - Friday  Remember to start the slideshow to view it correctly.


Year 6

Addition and Subtraction of Fractions - fluency, reasoning and problem solving

Year 5

Perimeter and Area - Window Shopping

Did you complete your MyMaths?
Have you improved your TT Rockstars score?
Have a lovely weekend.