Home learning for week beginning 15th June 2020

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Please find this weeks learning below:


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We hope you enjoyed Voyage to Omega last week.
Below you’ll find the literacy learning for Term 6 Week 3:
This week’s story is Sleepers (reading level 3).

Make a prediction
Read chapter 1
Complete the online activities
Complete the writing activity:
Kelsey and Robbie found themselves hiding in a storage cupboard at the end of the chapter. Their plan was to escape the mansion and then call the police. If the pair of them could phone the police now from the store cupboard, what would they say? They would need to explain their entire circumstance starting with getting on the train. Write a telephone dialogue between the pair of them and the police. We’ve practiced dialogue before, it’s so important to make sure you get all of your speech punctuation in the correct place including your inverted commas and commas.
Read chapter 2
Complete the online activities
Complete the writing activity:
Near the beginning of this chapter Kelsey locked Ambika in a room with other train passengers that had been gassed. But why? What clues did the author give us that Kelsey thought something wasn’t right about Ambika. There was one very obvious clue just before Kelsey shoved Ambika into the room but there were lots of other little clues that the author gave us prior to that. Can you find them and tell us what they were? Did the author mention how Ambika was moving, how she was talking or her overall body-language? Give us exact examples from the text.

Read chapter 3
Complete the online activities
Complete the writing activity:
After escaping the guards through the woods the three children found themselves in an almost idyllic village. In a short space of time the author gave us lots of information about this village from its appearance to the kind of people that lived there and even down to the feeling of being in the village. Write a setting description of the village using the information that the author has given us. You can draw a picture of the village if it will help you visualise it.

Read chapter 4
Complete the online activities
Complete the writing activity:
In this chapter we find out about the clone of Professor Stone. The evil Professor Stone was cloned from the kind Professor Katherine Stone. Write a comparison of these two characters. You may like to write a character description of each followed by a summary. Or you may like to write to describe the two of them fluently throughout one piece of writing. Compare and contrast the appearance and personality of the two characters. You could also go on to compare and contrast the motives of each character. 

Read chapter 5
Complete the online activities
Think about the question: Why do you think this book was called ‘Sleepers’?
Complete a detailed book review of Sleepers


SPAG learning, this week, focuses on subordinating clauses.​  Here is a video about subordinating clauses: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BT1HhMcB8aw

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