Home learning for week beginning 22nd June 2020

Good Morning and welcome to Week 4 of the Summer Term. I can't believe how quickly it's going!
Did you see that amazing thunderstorm last week?
It's lovely to hear from those of you who email us daily. This week if you take any photos of your topic learning please email me them so I can upload them onto our class page or the weekly newsletter.
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Have a lovely week, I think we are going to sizzle this week with temperatures expected to reach 29 degrees. Find out the temperatures of other countries over the week. Are we hotter or cooler than them? By how many degrees?



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We hope you enjoyed Sleepers last week.
Below you’ll find the literacy learning for Term 6 Week 4:
This week’s story is Cosmo Mars: Teenage Detective (reading level 3).


Make a prediction
Read chapter 1
Complete the online activities
Complete the writing activity:
Matt and Steffi find themselves plunged into a story with Como Mars. Completely unexpected and with no idea how long this’ll last, they seem to be somewhat trapped in this strange reality. Write a letter home from Matt or Steffi explaining what had happened to them. No one knows that they’ve disappeared or the reasons why so it won’t be long before people are missing them and start looking for them. In the letter explain the surroundings they find themselves in, the setting, the new characters they’ve met and what they’re doing. Can you find more information about if they’ve gone forwards or backwards in time? Try to use precise exacts from the chapter in your letter to increase its impact.


Read chapter 2
Complete the online activities
Complete the writing activity:
This time you are going to be writing in first person being Cosmo Mars himself. His boss has asked for an update on the case he’s looking into. Write a police report of his findings so far. Include all of the steps he’s taken so far, the evidence he’s found, all of the possibilities and finally his thoughts on who he thinks the thief could be.


Read chapter 3
Complete the online activities
Complete the writing activity:
Throughout this story a lot of the high action parts have been during the night or in dark places. The author uses the weather/darkness really well to create mood for the reader. The author uses the darkness particularly well at the beginning of this chapter. Give me examples from the text in which the author uses the weather, time of day or general darkness to create mood throughout this paragraph. You can list these as bullet-points if you want to.
e.g. – The figure (it was too dark to see so the author just used the empty word ‘figure’ as this can be more scary not knowing).
e.g. – it was a scary descent into the darkness (this tells me they don’t know what they’re heading into and so the unknown can be more scary).
e.g. The moonlight laid a silver path across the waves (the only light they had came from the moonlight).
Extension: Use these same extracts that you’ve found to create mood in your own description of a setting of your own.


Read chapter 4
Complete the online activities
Complete the writing activity:
Steffi, Matt and Cosmo Mars didn’t seem to have it quite right about Withers. They were partly right but not completely. ON THE REQUEST OF COSMO MARS – (pretend you’re Withers) Write a re-count of your time since Cosmo Mars arrived. Remember he’s admitted guilt to some things that have happened but not nearly as much as they thought he was guilty of so it’s very important to be as clear as possible and remember as much detail as you can. It may also be helpful to look back through the story from the beginning.


Read chapter 5
Complete the online activities

Complete a detailed book review of Cosmo Mars: Teenage Detective

Extension: Matt and Steffi found themselves plunged into the story of Cosmo Mars. Which book would you like to be sucked into and why?​



This video may help with you with your SPAG learning this week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlGJ8gANeGo





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