Home learning for week beginning 6th July 2020


We hope you are all keeping well and have had a great weekend.  This week is sports week at Park Way - you will find some sporting challenges under the Get Sporty! blog post.  Have a go and share your results with us - we'd love to see some photos too!

Here is the learning for this week

Take care and stay safe!


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We hope you enjoyed Cosmo Mars and the Haunted House last week.
Below you’ll find the literacy learning for Term 6 Week 6:
This week’s story is Cosmo Mars and the Egyptian Curse (reading level 3).

Make a prediction
Read chapter 1
Complete the online activities
Complete the writing activity:
Explain Cosmo Mars’ feelings and emotions when he saw that Matt and Steffi had appeared. This is the third time they’d dropped into his life, so how did that make him feel? Use exact extracts from the text to help you. He mentioned that they’d always helped him in the past. He mentioned that they’d been excellent assistants in the past. However he’d also mentioned that he was on holiday, several times! We also know that he loves solving mysteries and these two help him to achieve this. So, how do you think Cosmo Mars felt when he sees Matt and Steffi have appeared in his life once more? Why? Could he be feeling more than one emotion? Why?

Read chapter 2
Complete the online activities
Complete the writing activity:
Towards the end of this chapter Matt, Steffi and Cosmo Mars had a discussion about the day’s events and compared thoughts at a rooftop restaurant in Luxor. Write a dialogue between the three characters as they were discussing the day and each other’s findings. Remember to make sure you have all of your speech punctuation in the correct place. Once you’ve read the chapter thoroughly you’ll be able to write what each of the character might say in detail.

Read chapter 3
Complete the online activities
Complete the writing activity:
During this chapter several characters entered Tutankhamen’s tomb in search of Nefertiti’s tomb. Using the detail in the chapter, draw a map of Tutankhamen’s tomb and annotate to add description. For this you’ll need to read the chapter carefully first to be able to understand the layout of the tomb and secondly to be able to write a detailed description of each section the author describes. I look forward to seeing your creative work from this activity.

Read chapter 4
Complete the online activities
Complete the writing activity:
At the end of this chapter, Ludwig and Miles are thought to be on a steam boat with the stolen item heading back to England to sell it. Presuming this is the case – putting yourself in Ludwig and Miles’ shoes – write a ‘For Sale’ advertisement for the item they are trying to sell. This can be in any form you wish (poster, newspaper article). Include a description of the item, where it has come from and its history. All of this information can be found throughout this chapter and in previous chapters.

Read chapter 5
Complete the online activities
Complete a detailed book review of Cosmo Mars and the Egyptian Curse




Year 6

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