Monday 18th May 2020

Good morning,
I hope you had a lovely weekend. What did you do? Are you managing to go outside and socially distance?


For topic this week, I'd like you to make a 'musical band'.
Thinking about vibration, and how we hear sound, how many musical instruments can you make?
This website has some good ideas.
There are also videos on YouTube.
Make them bright and colourful.
As an extension of your learning, write instructions on how to make your musical instrument and how to play it.
Don't forget to send me photos of them.


A brand new week means a brand new story to enjoy.

This week's story is: Nightmare Island (reading level 3)

Today's home learning is:

1) Write a prediction (no peeking at the synopsis) - please make sure you explain your reasoning in detail

2) Find the story online

3) Read chapter 1

4) Complete the online activities (I can see some of you are doing really well on the quizzes)

5) Complete the writing task:

So Rory has landed in Mexico - how exciting! The author describes in detail the place in which Rory's staying including the journey in the car. The author also describes in detail 'Nightmare Island' where the children are forbidden to go.

Your task:

Write a comparison between the place in which Rory is staying and 'Nightmare Island'.

Think about all of the wonderful detail the author has given, how Rory feels when he's in both places as well as what could be inferred from the details of both places.

Enjoy. Tomorrow we'll be moving onto chapter 2.


Monday - SPAG


Year 6

Multiplying and Dividing by 10, 100 & 1000 PowerPoint - remember to start the slideshow to view it correctly.


Answers - no peeking!

Year 5

Perimeter - watch this clip before completing the worksheet