Spring Term 1 Week 3

Another week of amazing learning.

In Literacy we have been reading The Demon Headmaster. The plot thickens as Lloyd, Harvey and Dinah find out what the headmaster is doing to most of the pupils. Why do they appear robotic? What happens in the hall after lunch? We have been developing our reading comprehension skills by answering questions about the chapters. We have been improving sentence structure and writing in the first person.

In Maths, Year 5 have been working on multiplication, and Year 6 have been introduced to algebra, which proved tricky at the beginning of the week, but the children had a clearer understanding by the end of the week.

In Science, we recapped how to make electrical circuits and the symbols used to represent batteries, wires, etc. We had live demonstrations in our video call of electrical circuits. 2 children had an electric circuit kit and they were able to show us how to make one of them play 'Happy Birthday' and the other made a spinner fly.

For PSHE, we had a great lesson on well-being and focused on being kind to ourselves and each other.

The children have been exploring a new app called 'Edshed'. This is a spelling app, which we hope to use more from next week.

The children have also been following Joe Wicks Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.