Term 2 Week 2 12.11.21

Another week has flown by! This week in Literacy we have continued to read The City of Ember. It is getting really interesting now and we are beginning to make more connections and predictions. We have written and edited a diary entry for Lina. We have used our editing skills to improve our writing. We have written a prediction and are beginning to focus on the character Doon. We finished the week by planning a character description for him which we will write next week. 
In Maths, Year 5 have continued to apply their knowledge of prime, square and cube numbers to problem solve and carry out investigations. They have also looked at prime factors too. Year 6 have looked at how to calculate fractions, learning skills and strategies to use all 4 operations to solve number and word problems. 
In topic we have looked at inventions over a period of time. We discussed what inventions we thought were important and why. We ranked inventions in order of importance for us.
In PSHE and RSE we have looked at the importance of sleep and how factors can affect our sleep. The children made video guides about how to get a good night's sleep. This led to some really interesting conversations and we were pleased to hear that most of us read, draw or just chill before we go to sleep rather than play on devices.
This week Year 6 had a talk about the role of the magistrate within our judicial system by Alvin (our volunteer who supports reading). They found this really interesting and asked relevant questions.
In PE we are continuing with Tag Rugby.
Home learning will be assigned this week. Please log into Teams to complete the home learning.
If you still have issues with passwords, please let me know. There is an expectation that everyone will be completing their home learning.
Well done to all those children who are reading regularly at home and for writing in your reading record. It's amazing.
Have a great weekend.
Mrs Rackley, Mrs Stokes and Ms Burton