Term 4 Week 4 17.3.23

In literacy this week, we have continued to read Cosmic. Liam and Florida are now getting ready to go into space. Florida is going in the rocket with the other children and one of the dads, but not with Liam. He is feeling guilty and worried about her going alone. Then after an unfortunate event for another dad, Liam has been asked to go into space. Liam is worried that something will happen to them both. We have written descriptions, used role play to support the writing of dialogue and using inverted commas for speech.

In maths, Year 5 have continued to learn about decimal numbers. They have been learning the place value of the digits and converting percentages to fractions and vice versa. They have used this knowledge to problem solve and write their reasoning for this.

Year 6 have been learning to find the area of compound shapes and triangles. Some of the children found this quite challenging at the beginning of the week, but after some practice they are now much more confident.

In science this week, we have continued to look at the solar system and looked at how the moon, sun and Earth create day and night.

In PSHE we looked at issues arising from food environments and food production and the effects this is having on global warming.

Home Learning

Don’t forget to encourage your child to play TT Rockstars. This is a great app to use to learn and recite times tables up to 12 x 12 with increasing speed. Who will be our class champion? We will be the class champion? Also improve your spellings on Edshed and Wordle, these are great for spelling patterns.

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Rackley, Mr Bowles and Mrs Hendry