Term 6 Week 3 21.6.24

This week has been diversity week – the children have been organising their own activity to share with our Reception classes. The adults have been so proud of the maturity of Cedar Class and the way that the children took charge of their own learning to produce quizzes, games, puzzles, iMovies and their presentations. The Reception classes loved their time in our class looking at the learning.

In English, we have got to the exciting part where Doon and Lina are about to leave the city of Ember. We will finish reading the book next week. The children have loved exploring the book – we have left it on a cliff hanger for the weekend! This week we have summarised, predicted and written a plan for Lina's escape.

In maths, Year 5 have finished looking at decimal numbers and began to look at negative numbers. We have thought about where we see these and why they are used using real-world problems. We have discussed decisions around overdrafts and loans, too. We will continue looking at negative numbers next week.

Year 6 have been looking at time, time zones and money. They have looked at representing data in a range of ways, all in preparation for planning and budgeting a holiday abroad.

In PE we played Capture the Flag, the children have demonstrated some great team strategies.

In Science, we wrote up our investigations about gravity, ready to move on to our next learning on forces.


Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Rackley and Mrs Morris