Thursday 7th May 2020

Good Morning,

I hope you now have a good understanding of how our eyes see.

Tomorrow is VE Day. What do you know about VE Day?

Watch the whole of the video clip on the link below.

Choose 3 of these activities to complete over the weekend.

1. In the video clip a man called Alan, tells us about his experience. Write a diary entry, as if you were Alan, on the 8th May 1945. What were you doing? What did you see? How did you feel?

2. Create a celebratory poster about VE Day.

3. Write an information text about VE Day.

4. Write a diary entry for yourself, about how you have celebrated VE Day.

5. Bake a cake/cakes, as part of the celebration. (I'm going to make some scones and have afternoon tea!)

6. Draw a map and locate the countries that make up Europe.

7. Choose a member of the Royal Family and write information about them.

8. Talk to members of your family and talk about any memories, or stories they may have about the second world war.

Have a lovely VE Day and Bank Holiday weekend.

I would love to see any photos you take of your celebrations.



Today is the last day of The School for Supervillains (as tomorrow is a bank holiday).

Today's home learning is:

1) Read chapters 4 & 5

2) Complete the online activities

3) Complete the book review - click here

4) Consider this question and answer in your own chosen style of writing...

Does this story remind you of any other story you may have read or seen? Why?

'A child goes through a portal into a magical school and once there faces many trials...'

I can think of one very famous story that this reminds me of, what do you think?

How is our story similar/different to a story that this reminds you of?

How does the setting and main character compare?


As mentioned, tomorrow is a bank holiday so that's why we are reading chapters 4 & 5 today.

Next week we'll be moving onto a new story once again.

I can see lots of you are accessing the learning on FictionExpress which is fantastic.



Year 6

Adding and Subtracting Fractions - remember to start the slideshow to view it correctly!

Year 5

Place Value Assessment