Week 6

What another busy week!

We have been busy planning and writing our Hot Write story based on being evacuated during the second world war - linked to the story Goodnight Mr Tom. We also had identity labels to help us get into the role of what life was like for an evacuee child. This also linked to our topic learning this week, where we looked at life 100 years ago, and made comparisons to life then and now.

In Science we created our own fair test to find out who was the fastest runner. We discovered the ways to make this fair, ie, same starting/finishing point, shoes etc.

In P.E. we are mastering our skills in Rounders and building up to a class finale match at the end of this term.

We have been developing our skills to use long multiplication, which has proven difficult for some children, as they forget to use 0 as a place holder. It would be great if you could do some long multiplication at home.

Have a fabulous weekend.