Week 8 23.10.2020

We have come to the end of the first term. It has been a challenging term in lots of ways, but the children have adjusted, accepted and they have been amazing.

This week we have been leaning how to use brackets, semicolons and colons in our writing, and understanding the terminology. Year 6 have been doing some SATs practice, so that we can find out what the children are secure with, and which skills they need to develop. They have worked really hard on them.

We completed our Science investigation, that the children planned, and had great fun observing what happened to mints when they were put into fizzy drinks, especially when one of them got soaked. We concluded that the drink with the most sugar, exploded the most. 

We couldn't do P.E. this week due to the weather, but the children had great fun with the Speed Stacking cups. We are hoping to have some competitions next term.

We have completed our topic learning, and we have had great fun exploring the second world war and the History of Maidstone.

Please complete the home learning, MyMaths has also been set. Don't forget your TT Rockstars too!

Have a lovely half term holiday.