End of Term 2 Week 1

A big thumbs up to everyone for all your learning achieved this week and the positive attitudes you've displayed to classroom learning! Also, behaviour in class has been fantastic (as ever) and you have worked well throughout the week in a range of subjects.

The children enjoyed the opportunity to complete their own news reports, based on a fairy tale (often with a wicked twist at the end!)

Next week we'll complete a newspaper front page based on your stories.

We started a new topic (Go with the Flow) linked to rivers, and I was pleased with the engagement and whole-class discussion we had mid-week regarding the multiple uses of rivers, both here in England and around the world.

Just to confirm, Cherry Class will have their PE every Wednesday this term (on the field, weather allowing) and Year 6 will have a 'court chat' with a magistrate this week in school! Details will be provided to the Year 6 children on Monday.

Enjoy the weekend everyone (and please keep up your reading and home-learning tasks!) Any problems, please do not hesitate to ask.


Mr Ramsden and Mr Bowles