Home Learning for week beginning 29/06/2020

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What lovely weather we had last week. I hope you had a lovely weekend. I can't believe it's July this week!!
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We hope you enjoyed Cosmo Mars last week.
Below you’ll find the literacy learning for Term 6 Week 4:
This week’s story is Cosmo Mars and the Haunted House (reading level 3).

Make a prediction
Read chapter 1
Complete the online activities
Complete the writing activity:
Write a setting description of Haycroft Hall. Try to use exact extracts from the text as well as your own personal inferences. Lots of information has been given about the hall itself, the characters that are present in the hall and the surrounding gardens.
Challenge: The author uses some similes throughout this chapter – can you find them?

Read chapter 2
Complete the online activities
Complete the writing activity:
How does this story compare to last week’s story? Are there any similarities? Does the author use the same writing strategies in both books? What about the genre? What about the type of language used? Also what about the choice of setting and characters? Think about the time of day that’s generally used. Gaining an understanding of an author across all of his/her books can help you gain a real pleasure for reading and help you make more personalised book choices in the future. So, what’s similar about these two stories?

Read chapter 3
Complete the online activities
Complete the writing activity:
In this chapter, Matt, Steffi and Cosmo Mars witnessed the female ghost (who was wearing a green dress) emerge out of the fire place. They didn’t react how I expected them to react though. Can you explain how the three characters reacted to witnessing this ghost gliding right past them? Think about the thoughts and feelings of the characters as well as the physical actions. Following this, you can compare the reactions of the characters to how you may have expected them to react.

Read chapter 4
Complete the online activities
Complete the writing activity:
A lot has happened in this chapter, from the three characters escaping down through the trap door at the beginning to Matt and Cosmo Mars finding a small spiral staircase leading up to the attic at the end (as well as lots in-between). Create a comic strip of 6/8/10 sections, each one including a picture and writing, to highlight the main events of this chapter. The more sections you can include the more detail you can give to the reader. We had a go at this some time ago and some work that was returned was amazing.

Read chapter 5
Complete the online activities
Complete a detailed book review of Cosmo Mars and the Haunted House


Monday to Thursday - The Trouble of the Tangled Trainers (the answers are at the end of the document - no peeking until you have solved the mystery.)
Friday - SPAG test


Year 6

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