Information for Week 4 beginning Monday 30th November 2020

Starting from Monday 30th, learning will be uploaded onto the Cherry 'Teams' page (through Microsoft Office, you have been given your password both in paper form AND it was emailed to your parent's email address) before 8.30am every day.

If you DO NOT have this email address, please email me (or the office at school) and I will obtain your email log on from our ICT support.

I will be on line from 8.30am - 3.00 pm to deal with any queries, respond to any learning you send back to me and general support.

Mr Bowles and myself showed you Friday where to post comments on Teams under the Cherry Class page (under 'Posts') But please DO NOT use this facility as a substitute for 'WhatsApp' or any online medium you might use to chat to your friends!!! 

Learning will follow a 'regular' week, in as much as there will be a Literacy and Numeracy task/s to complete in the morning, and in the afternoon everyday they'll be a geography, science, PE, Spanish, RE task also (one per afternoon)

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask, and myself and/or Mr Bowles will be happy to respond and help.

Take care, all the best

Mr Ramsden and Mr Bowles