Monday 4th May 2020

Good morning everyone, I hope you managed to enjoy your weekend and are all remaining safe and healthy.


Our second topic this term is called 'Look, Hear!' We hear sounds all the time, but how do our ears process sound?

Draw a diagram of the ear.  Label it.

Write the functions of the parts of the ear.

Can you find any interesting facts about ears?


LITERACY (I really like this week's story),

I hope you enjoyed last week's story.

This week's new story is: The School for Supervillains (reading level 3)

Your tasks for today are:

1) Log on to FictionExpress and find The School for Supervillains

2) Read chapter 1

3) Complete the online activities

4) Complete the writing activity:

During the first chapter the main character is teleported into the large ancient hall of St Luthor's School. We are told a lot about this hall and the people in it.

Firstly, draw a picture of the large ancient hall that is being described to us. This will require careful reading and a good understanding of this first chapter.

Secondly, write a setting description of of the large ancient hall to go alongside your drawing. You could take direct quotes from the story to support your description.

Enjoy. Tomorrow we'll be moving onto chapter 2.


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