Term 5 end of Week 2 29th April 2022

The end of a busy, productive second week and the start of a long weekend!

In Literacy, the children looked at different poetry types (Haiku and Kenning) and wrote their own examples.

Year 5 concentrated again on angles, this time angles on a straight line and around a point. Year 6 spent each day concentrating on a different strand of numeracy in readiness for their SATs (including statistics and angles). 

The children has an enjoyable ICT lesson with Mr Bowles, where they used a programme to design a house from scratch! 

In RE, we looked again at Hindu worship, this time concentrating on home worship.

In Science, we investigated 'sound' and the children created a poster using all their prior understanding and new learning.

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend everyone, see you Tuesday.

Mr Ramsden & Mrs Morris