Term 5 end of Week 4 13th May 2022

The end of an unusual week, as the Year 6 had their SAT's examinations Monday through to Thursday.

I was pleased to see that so many of the class joined our Year 6 Breakfast Club each day this week, to sit with friends, take their minds off the exams, relax and eat the food on offer!!

Year 5's from Cherry joined with the two other classes of Year 5's and Mr Ofei to work during this period of SAT's on poems, including limericks, and numeracy problem-solving. 

We have just returned, within the hour, from an enjoyable day-trip to Mote Park. The weather warmed up from lunchtime and it was great for both year groups to enjoy some time together away from a classroom/examination setting and to perhaps play with a range of children in their class/year group, rather than just their closest friends.

Have a great weekend everyone; unbelievable only two weeks remaining of the term!

Regards Mr Ramsden & Mrs Morris