Thursday 21st May 2020

Good Morning,
I hope you are enjoying the sunshine as well as doing your home learning.

How have you got on with making instruments? Don't forget to email pictures of them.


Today's learning is:

1) Read chapter 4

2) Complete the online activities

3) Complete the writing activity:

During this chapter the two main characters got stuck in a giant spiders web. The author gave us lots of detail about the spider and the setting in which it lived. Your challenge today is to re-write the event of the two main characters encountering the giant spider but from the spider's point-of-view.

Think about the detail that the author gave us about the spider and how you could use this to describe what it was doing, what it was thinking or how it was moving.

Remember writing from the point-of-view of the spider means that: I = the spider.

Enjoy. Tomorrow we'll move onto the fifth and final chapter.


Thursday's SPAG


Year 6

Decimals as Fractions PowerPoint - remember to start the slideshow to view it correctly.


Answers - no peeking!

Year 5

Area and Perimeter Investigation

Have a lovely day!