Tuesday 5th May 2020

Good Morning,

Following on from yesterday's topic learning about the ear, today's learning is to investigate vibration.
Create a poster to demonstrate what vibration is, and how vibration travels to the ear, for us to hear the sounds we hear. How do we know what is making the sound?
I look forward to seeing your posters.


I hope you're enjoying this week's story: The School for Supervillains

Today's home learning is:

1) Read Chapter 2

2) Complete the online activities

3) Compete the writing activity:

At the end of this chapter we find out that Mandrake has three options to choose from in regards to completing the mission of breaking into the fortress of a retired superhero and stealing his power source.

Write an explanation text about each of her three choices.

Explain why she should/shouldn't choose each option, the pros and cons of choosing each option and what you think her personal opinion is of each option.

Remember her options are:

1) Ixor and Dita

2) Caligula and Livia

3) Go it alone

Enjoy. Tomorrow we'll be moving onto Chapter 3.


Year 6

Comparing and ordering fractions

Year 5

Multiply and divide by 10, 100 & 1000

Stay safe.