Week ending 22 January 2021 (week 3)

Well done to everyone who has logged on and engaged in our on-line learning this week. I, along with Mr Bowles, always look at the learning you return to us and make a comment upon it. It was especially pleasing also to see that a couple of children who have been experiencing technical difficulties actually logging on and joining us for the first time this week! If you are having difficulties at home logging on or don't have a device, then please email the school office as they may be able to provide you with a device in the short-term.

We have enjoyed reading together our new text 'The Demon Headmaster' and I for one cannot wait to discover what the Headmaster is actually 'up to' and why he is controlling the school in this way!

Super learning produced in Numeracy (multiplication for Year 5 and algebra in Year 6) and Science where we are recapped electricity and circuits.

Well done for everyone who has joined in with the Joe Wick's sessions Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

I am in school next week, and Mr Bowles will be at his new home. We will both continue to support you in anyway we can and please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance with any aspect of the learning.



Mr Ramsden & Mr Bowles