Week ending Friday 10th June 2022

Good afternoon parents on this (finally) sunny afternoon on the Friday of this first week back after half-term. We spent all afternoon on the field, engaged in 3 separate athletic throwing events with all the teachers in Year 5/6. This whole cohort approach to PE will remain for this academic year (and we pray for continued dry weather for the next 6 weeks!) 

In Literacy we have started a very amusing whole-class text entitled the '100 miles an hour dog goes for gold" We looked at characters, made predictions and wrote dialogue this week to great levels of success.

In Numeracy, Year 5 investigated metric measures such as kilometres, metres, centimetres, millimetres and grams/kilograms. Practical lessons for all the sessions and the children have become much better, through these activities, at making sensible estimates. Next week we'll look at imperial measures and capacity. 

In Topic, we looked at the Ancient Olympics and similarities/differences with the modern Olympics. Next week we'll look at some of the controversial moments in Olympic history, such as boycotts and cheating.

Have a great weekend everyone, don't forget packed lunches needed for everyone on Wednesday as we're off to London! (Science Museum)

Mr Ramsden & Mrs Morris