Week ending Friday 11th March 2022

Halfway through Term 4 now, the weeks roll along very rapidly!

This week, in Literacy, we have combined reading the story 'Pig Heart Boy' with watching clips from a BBC film from 1999. The two are very closely linked and it has helped the children watching the film to bring characters to life. The children spent time writing in the first-person this week, concentrating on feelings before an operation. 

Year 5 (I know some of them are pleased!!) completed their 6-week block on fractions today! It has been a long stint, but I have been really pleased with the attitude and ability shown by the class. Next week we move onto decimals! During numeracy lessons, Year 6 sat practise Sat's exams under exam conditions. These have been marked and will provide the teachers with teaching points and any areas to address before the real thing in May this year.

Topic in the afternoons has presented itself with a lot of science opportunities and we have investigated how life evolved from sea creatures to land animals, including the dinosaurs. In RE, we investigated the 10 Commandments and looked at how Christian charities support others around the world.

As I type this, the rain is hammering down and the wind is up....however tomorrow (Saturday) is meant to be much drier and brighter, so I wish everyone a great weekend.

Home learning is up on Teams, any questions please ask me or Mrs Morris.

Take care

Mr Ramsden & Mrs Morris