Week ending Friday 12th March 2021

The end of a very special week, as we FINALLY returned to the classroom as a WHOLE class!!

It was so good to see everyone return Monday morning at 8.30 and most days this week we have had a full class of 30 children. 

The class have embraced the learning and the full days of activities, and as ever, myself and Mr Bowles have been impressed by the learning created, by the whole-class engagement and attitude shown. Everyone, without fail, has produced learning that has pleased the adults in the class.

In Literacy, we have continued with our class text ('Cosmic') and the class wrote descriptively to describe both a desert and space setting. 

We have had shorter Numeracy lessons this week, as it has been Science Week at school and we have watched daily live videos at 11am led by the National Farmers Union! We have watched a variety of interesting live videos, including 'Vet School', the life cycle of a chicken, how farms manage their land and the use of robotics on farms.

We were defeated slightly by the weather mid-week during our PE session, but will continue again every Wednesday this term on the field and playground doing OAA activities (this refers to Outdoor Adventurous Activities).

Enjoy your weekend everyone, especially Sunday which is Mothering Sunday.

Take care, see you Monday at 8.30am.

Mr Ramsden & Mr Bowles