Week ending Friday 16th September 2022

Good afternoon parents and carers and welcome to our second blog of the term!

A busy week for all, as we finally 'got into' our new class text ('Goodnight Mr Tom') and moved into our year group specific Numeracy groups amongst other things!

We have enjoyed reading the starting chapter of the text, investigating the personality and physical appearance of one of the main characters and using inference to describe his possible feelings before and after being evacuated.

Both year groups concentrated on 'place value' this week, and engaged in activities such as ordering numbers up to 1 million for Year 5 and 10 million for Year 6.

In History, our class went into the Hall and used the space to order historical events and their relevant dates in time (chronological) order. This brought about great team work, discussions and greater understanding of when in history great events (such as the invasion of Britain by Rome) happened.

Have a great weekend everyone and we'll see you back in class on TUESDAY.

Regards Mr Ramsden