Week ending Friday 17th June 2022

Good afternoon, on this scorching hot mid-June day! 

2 weeks down, 4 4/5 left of this final term!

In Literacy, Cherry Class again looked at our amusing class text 'The 100 Miles Per Hour Dog Goes for Gold'. Activities this week were varied, including drama in role on the field, diary entries and information texts about dogs! Year 6 missed their Literacy session today, as they had an extended assembly with a police liaison officer who chatted to them about transition to secondary school and possible pitfalls.

Year 5 spent two lessons this week as a whole cohort, one in the hall on a measuring investigation (it's amazing how many of the class' height is EXACTLY the same as their arm span!!!) and again yesterday when we went onto the playground and looked at capacity.

In Science this week we ... went to the Science Museum in London!!! We saw as much as was opened to us, the only downer was the length of time it took to get home!

In History we investigated Olympic scandals and upheaval, including some of the weird and wonderful ways people have tried to cheat over the years!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, stay safe

Mr Ramsden & Mrs Morris