Week ending Friday 18th March 2022

4 weeks completed of Term 4, 2 to go!!

This week the class have been as busy as ever, learning well in a variety of subjects. In Literacy, we looked in detail at the 'run up' to the main character's operation and wrote in role in the first person. We also spent a lot of time looking at grammar activities, in particular using the current verb tense in our writing. Literacy was interrupted (in a good way!) with an author visit mid-week and the children had a chance to use their imagination to write the beginnings of a story set 1000 years in the future.

In Numeracy, Year 5 concentrated their efforts this week on decimals, and looked at ordering, rounding and investigating thousandths in a real-life context (Olympic running race). Year 6 looked at area and volume this week.

In Science, we had a couple of afternoon lesson looking at the human body, internal organs and the brain. 

The children continue to develop their 'Grease Lightning' dance in PE and worked to fine-tune their group dances!

All the children were given a letter at the end of Friday with details about a forthcoming trip to London in June to the Science Museum. Any questions relating to this trip, or any aspect of the learning / home-learning, please do not hesitate to speak to either myself or Mrs Morris.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Mr Ramsden & Mrs Morris