Week ending Friday 19th November 2021

The end of our third week of Term 2 ended on a high with Children in Need day. We raised nearly £300 from the whole school, and thank you for sending your children in with a contribution this morning.

In Literacy, we are finding out more and more about the characters, setting and plot to our class text 'The City of Ember.' The children had the opportunity this week to showcase their (steadily improving) descriptive writing skills to describe a very dark and mysterious area called the 'Unknown Regions'

In Numeracy, Year 5 have spent the week looking at division and multiplication of numbers by 10, 100 and 1000 and applying their understanding and reasoning to problem solving activities. Year 6 have again looked at fractions, in particular converting fractions into decimals and percentages, and decimals into fractions and percentages.

In History, the children spent time looking at the Great Exhibition of the 1850's and researching an invention / inventor with special consideration given to a timeline of achievements, failures/set-backs and successes.

We had a great discussion this morning linked to 'sleep' and the upshot is that I believe the class as a whole are not getting enough sleep that is required for children of their age. The NHS recommend 9-12 hours, but quite a few children were saying they stay up very late to play computer games and/or watch YouTube. Wherever possible, if you could encourage your children to have the maximum amount of sleep every night that would be hugely beneficial to them for a number of reasons, not least their alertness in school the next morning.

Have a great weekend everyone


Mr Ramsden and Mrs Morris