Week ending Friday 1st April 2022

Last day of Term 4 upon us! The whole of this term has whizzed by, I cannot believe we're two thirds of the way through the academic year.

In Literacy, Year 5/6 completed their newspaper linked to the 'Pig Heart Boy' story and then wrote their own newspaper examples, complete with their own stories, word searches, etc, remembering to use the relevant features.

In Numeracy, Year 6 worked through the tricky concept of ratio successfully whilst Year 5 investigated the link between fractions, percentages and decimals.

In Science, we had a great discussion about the heart and how the heart actually works over two enjoyable afternoon lessons.

In RE we talked again about the 10 Commandments and the children discussed and then committed to paper 10 'new commandments' that they would encourage people to live by if they were in charge of setting up a new religion. 

Have a great Easter break everyone, you've shown us again and again what a lovely group you are together!

Take care

Mr Ramsden & Mrs Morris