Week ending Friday 20th May Term 5 Week 5

The end of the penultimate week of Term 5 today! A good week all round by all of the class.

In Literacy we have had a lot of fun looking at nonsense poems. The children had a chance to 'unpick' the poems in detail, their structure and the use of such techniques as alliteration and onomatopoeia. 

Year 6 spent the week in Numeracy working on an investigation involving money, whilst Year 5 looked at 3D shapes, including nets.

In Science, the class investigated the concept of light and we'll conduct a whole-class investigation (weather permitting!) next week.

The children ran around (a lot!) Monday afternoon in the sunshine during a PE Athletics session. We ran in relay formations, including the use of batons to pass from hand to hand.

Last week of term next week, a 'normal' working week with the only difference being that on Friday 27th we have a dress down day to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee. We will picnic on the field at lunchtime and the children can wear their own clothes, ideally with the colours red, white and blue.

Have a great weekend everyone

Mr Ramsden