Week ending Friday 21st January 2021

Halfway through Term 3 already from today! It has whizzed along so far.

Busy, busy, busy in Cherry this week. In Literacy, the children delved further into their Mayan story 'The Hero Twins' and had the chance to describe mysterious settings and write a diary entry in role.

In Numeracy. Year 5 worked through division, division with remainders and word problems, whereas Year 6 concentrated on decimals and fractions.

In History, we spent a lot of time discussing Mayan society and the various groups that made up their society (from Kings down to slaves and everything else in-between!) We followed this up with a lesson linked to Ancient Mayan religion and the various gods they prayed to.

In Science, we discussed dissolving and solutions and planned for a fair test investigation next week!

Have a great weekend everyone (home learning is on Teams, please complete and send through to me).

Mr Ramsden & Mrs Morris