Week ending Friday 25th February 2022

The end of a shortened, busy but enjoyable week is now upon us!

The children came back refreshed and ready to complete their learning from the off - all terms are important, but the next two terms are incredibly important and it was great to see 100% attendance for each of the four days (something that is very rare sadly this academic year for a variety of reasons).

In Literacy we began our new text 'The Pig Heart Boy'. A great story, with a real moral dilemma running through it. The class particular enjoyed Wednesday and Thursday's lessons, where we went onto the playground to engage in a drama activity and yesterday where we physically moved tables to split the classroom in half and conducted a lively debate! Full participation from everyone, which was great to see/hear.

In Numeracy, Year 5 continued with learning linked to fractions (this week was fraction subtraction) and Year 6 looked at measures, in particular metres, kilometres and miles.

In PE this term we are very fortunate to have a 'real' PE teacher come in to share his expertise with us. I asked for a dance session and the children responded brilliantly to the task of planning and performing a dance to the soundtrack 'Grease Lightning' from the musical 'Grease'!

In topic, we started looking at our new topic 'Out of Africa' and today looked at 'evolution' and the life and work of Charles Darwin.

Have a great weekend everyone - any problems/questions regarding the home-learning, please do not hesitate to talk to myself or Mrs Morris.

Stay safe everyone

Mr Ramsden and Mrs Morris