Week ending Friday 26th February 2021

Hello everyone, and well done for the completion of another week of on-line remote learning.

Cherry Class have worked particularly hard and produced a great range of learning, either on-line or in the classroom. Special mention to Veronika, Sky and Katie for all their efforts in school. 

We have started our new text 'Cosmic' and have enjoyed discovering how the main character Liam gets into (and out!) of so many scrapes and mishaps. Next week he finds himself on a mission to the Moon............

Year 5 have consolidated their understanding of fractions this week, looking at ordering and addition. Year 6 have looked in detail at measures and conversion (e.g. between kilometres and miles)

The class spent time looking at the International Space Station and how the astronauts and scientists there spend their time, either at work or play. We will continue the 'space theme' throughout Term 4.

Have a lovely weekend, enjoy the sunshine and take care

Mr Ramsden and Mr Bowles