Week ending Friday 26th November 2021

4 weeks in, three weeks to go!

Unusual day today, but no less enjoyable, as we headed down into the centre of Maidstone to sing Christmas carols/songs to shoppers (and a high percentage of the parents of our class also!!) Was great to see such support. We had a late lunch back in school, but it was worth it. Big thanks to Mrs Ord for organising everything.

In Literacy, we are about one third of the way through 'The City of Ember' The children wrote wonderfully well this week in the first-person, and used a great array of descriptive techniques, including similes and repetition, to add interest to their learning.

Year 6 have again consolidated their understanding of fractions and Year 5 concentrated on perimeter this week. Area for next week, so please help your children with their times tables as they will use them daily in lessons.

Learning was also completed successfully in RE, reading, science and PSHE lessons, where we had a great discussion about failure and success and what it means to them as individuals.

Have a great weekend everyone

Mr Ramsden and Mrs Morris