Week ending Friday 27 November 2020

So.........an abrupt end on Friday to what had been an excellent learning week within Cherry class.

We continued to discover more about the characters and their exploits (both good and bad in the case of excitable Mr Toad) in 'Wind in the Willows' and had a great debate session, where we looked at the sentencing of Mr Toad and discussed, both for and against, his very large sentence! Alvin was on board to give his 'professional' opinion! The children enjoyed the opportunity to describe and draw a new character to the story. 

In Numeracy, we looked at Prime Numbers and Multiples and use reasoning to decide upon our responses to questioning.

The science lesson linked to pollution was ear-marked for Friday afternoon, but we will complete it when we return to school.

Please read the follow-up blog to this one, which will detail the plans for the upcoming week, when learning will be conducted on-line.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Mr Ramsden and Mr Bowles