Week ending Friday 28th January 2022

Welcome parents to our weekly blog!!

As I always say at this point, another hard-working, enjoyable week completed by the children. Only two weeks left of Term 3, and then (unbelievably) we'll be half-way through the academic school year!

In Literacy, we have spent the week again looking at 'The Hero Twins' from Mayan mythology and used drama, first-person description and setting writing throughout the week to fully understand the text.

In Numeracy, Year 6 have worked hard looking at percentages, whilst Year 5 started a long block linked to Fractions. This week we looked at equivalence, comparing and ordering.

In history, we spent time investigating ancient Maya writing (called glyphs) and how they used an advanced system of symbols and shapes to record all manner of things on tombs, statues and walls over 2000 years ago. 

In Science, we completed a practical investigation linked to dissolving and solutions - the children acted very sensibly with the resources provided. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Mr Ramsden and Mrs Morris