Week ending Friday 4th February 2022

Good afternoon everyone, end of the second to last week of Term 3. This time next week we'll be (unbelievably) halfway through the academic school year.

Busy, productive week again for Cherry Class. In Literacy, the children researched an animal of their choosing and produced an information text, using relevant features such as sub-headings and a glossary. 

In Numeracy, Year 5 have worked through fractions greater than one (improper and mixed fractions) A lot of new concepts were introduced to the children and they responded well. Year 6 had a tough week, with their learning linked to algebra!

We had a great session earlier in the week, linked to the reasons for the decline in the Mayan civilisation. Everyone participated appropriately in a whole-class, then group-led discussion and I was so pleased with their learning and enthusiasm and their questioning of the evidence.

We designed our Mayan masks and look forward to actually painting and decorating them over two session next week! 

Have a great weekend everyone, see you Monday


Mr Ramsden and Mrs Morris