Week ending Friday 5th February 2021

The end of our penultimate week of the term has ended on a high, with some fantastic responses received linked to the Demon Headmaster. It will be a shame not to read you a new chapter daily and to discover just what the Headmaster is up to!

In Numeracy, Year 5 consolidated their understanding of improper fractions and mixed numbers and Year 6 worked hard during their second week linked to algebra.

Mr Bowles continues to be impressed with the high scores achieved on DuoLingo; next week it would be lovely to see more children in class logging onto his session and returning their learning for marking and comments.

In RE we looked at how Hindus viewed life and death and the similarities and differences with Christianity.

On Friday, we had a good afternoon discussion linked to Wellbeing in our PHSE session and how children use strategies to increase their wellbeing and positivity. 

Well done again to all the children who have logged on AND sent through their learning throughout the week.

Have a lovely weekend, see you all Monday morning for our last week of an unusual Term 3!

Take care everybody

Mr Ramsden & Mr Bowles