Week Ending Friday 8th October

Good afternoon parents (and children!) of Cherry Class! Only two weeks remain from this first term. It does seem a lot longer than 5 weeks that we have been in school together, but certainly not in any 'bad' way!

Moving away from Kensuke's Kingdom in Literacy, we planned and wrote a story based solely on the setting provided (that of a beach scene). The children had the chance to describe two of their own characters and to plot a story from start to end.

In Numeracy, Year 5/6 completed their final week linked to addition and subtraction and have spent the last two days completing 1, 2 and multi-step word problems (very well I should hasten to add!) Year 6 have progressed onto long and short multiplication.

In RE, the class looked at how some Muslims journey to Mecca in Saudi Arabia on a pilgrimage and wrote a first person account.

In Geography, we had a enjoyable discussion about 'Fair Trade' and how it relates to the banana industry in St Lucia in the West Indies - we found out some incredible things, including how millions of Fair Trade bananas are eaten in Britain every year, many from this island!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, take care

Mr Ramsden and Mrs Morris