Autumn Term 2 - Week 1

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had a restful half-term.  It has been a lovely first week back and the children came back refreshed and excited on Tuesday to share their trick or treating adventures.  Please note our PE day this term is Wednesday.  


This is what we have been up to this week: 


This week we have learnt about singular words and plurals. We talked about what a plural is and discussed examples. We then practised spelling plurals. We learnt that most plurals end in s, those that make a 'hissing' sound end in es and if a plural ends in a consonant and a y we change the y to an i and add -es.  We realised this is what we have to do when adding -ed to some words (learning from last term).

The children learnt about exclamation marks. We practised saying sentences with these punctuations and then wrote our own.  On Friday we imagined we went on holiday to an interesting place and wrote a postcard from there.


Year 1 - We have been learning how to subtract using a number line and how to solve missing number problems.

Year 2 - We have been learning how to add two 2 digit numbers using our place value knowledge.


In Science we talked about animals that can be kept as pets and talked about their features.  The children then created riddles about the animals and had to describe the features of the animal, e.g. it has claws, it has fur.

In R.E we began to learn about what a celebration is and how we might celebrate these.  The children either designed a greeting card or an invitation and had to show and explain how they celebrate that celebration. We also learnt about the term SACRED TIMES and looked at photos of celebrations from religions.