IPC topic for Term 3

Our topic in Term 3 is called 'People of the Past' and we will be starting by learning about The Great Fire of London! 

In History, we’ll be learning about:

  • Using a living graph to explore how a person from history might have been feeling
  • The life of a famous explorer using maps and role play
  • Comparing the lives of two different explorers
  • The difficult decisions that rulers had to make in the past
  • The achievements of important scientists and inventors
  • Spoken and written communication technologies that have developed over time
  • What life was like at different times in the past

In Music, we’ll be learning about:

  • The life and music of a famous composer
  • How to use music to tell a story

In Art, we’ll be learning about:

  • What someone’s portrait can tell us about them
  • How to create a portrait of a friend
  • How to create a Cubist-style artwork
  • Comparing and contrasting the work of famous artists
  • How to paint a scene in the style of a famous artist

In International, we’ll be learning about:

  • The idea of ‘fairness’ and what it means
  • The qualities and skills needed to be an effective leader